I create and facilitate bespoke and ‘hand-made’ workshops.

First, I listen to your goal and context. Where do you or your team stand at the moment? Where do you come from? What have you achieved so far? What are your goals and challenges for this workshop? What is your content?

Workshop topics can vary, I have created workshops on the topics of

. brand strategy
. product invention
. creative idea generation
. future scenarios
. web strategy development
. product development
. change processes
. idea generation / brainstorming
. the simple goal to connect and be inspired
. many other topics are possible!

… and in the fields of technology, services, science, education, art & design.

Then I systematically translate your goal and context into a unique workshop experience: I design materials, activities, the flow of the workshop day(s), propose unusual but appropriate and inspiring places. Each workshop element links to the topic and goal but also opens up new perspectives and aims to trigger unexpected insights and ideas. The underlying reasoning for each workshop design is logical and goal-oriented, – the actual experience is playful, inspiring and fun.

Often my workshops are about ‘thinking with all senses’, which means experiencing a topic or goal on different levels, ideally involving the entire body. Be prepared to play and move!

You might be a member of a team and have a specific workshop topic in mind or you are yourself consulting a team or company in its process and would like to intensify a topic…

… do contact me if you want to have a conversation about possible workshops for your context.

Btw, I have occasionally also created workshops for individuals who for instance wanted to clarify their professional direction in a creative and playful way. This is something I’d also be excited about exploring further.

Examples for workshops I have created and facilitated or co-facilitated:

. Idea generation workshop ‘Building Talks’ for the Oslo School of Architecture and Design
. Workshop materials ‘Lab Books’ for lottolab at the Science Museum London
. Workshop series on future topics ‘The Futures Of…’ for Appleyards Ltd.
. User requirements workshops ‘At Your Service’ for Cornelsen Schulbuchverlag
. Product strategy and product development workshops within the ‘LernCoachies’ project for Cornelsen Schulbuchverlag

Contact me about workshops.

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