Process Illustration

Process Illustration

I illustrate your thoughts into notebooks.

First, I listen. – To your conversation, your description of your project, your idea or ‘vision’ for a project, your meeting, your talk or conference. I take notes, visible to everyone or initially only for myself.

Then I translate and distill what I hear into hand-drawn images, shapes, patterns, words and stories. These notebook pages make your thoughts visible to you. Maybe they are not yet exactly right… but in any case they catalyse your thinking and work process.

These images and notebook pages can be used for conversation and as input for the next steps in the process, such as meetings and workshops. They can be used to communicate in a quick and engaging way to a wider audience. Because they change and evolve over time but still are recognizable, they can become the visual red thread that runs through your project.

The tangible output you receive are digital and physical versions of the notebook and individual illustrations for communication.

Contact me if you want to have a conversation about how to use process illustrations for your purposes.

Examples for projects and individuals who used my process illustrations to clarify, distill and communicate their ideas:

. ‘My School’ conversation drawings for lottolab.
. Concept drawings for an online learning platform ‘LernCoachies’ for Cornelsen Schulbuchverlag
. Presentation and conference notes at ‘TEDx Berlin’ and ‘Creative Mornings
. From my notebooks
. Currently I am creating process illustrations for the German party SPD, for individuals and company start-ups for clarifying and making visible their thoughts, concepts and approaches.

Contact me about process illustrations.

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